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Q) Will it harm the septic tank to use disinfectants and bleaches for laundry and dishwashing?
A) No. The amounts of such products normally used should not harm the tank operation.
Q) Should I use a starter, cleaner, or other treatment aids in my septic tank?
A) No. It is not necessary to add yeast, raw meat, enzymes, or other chemicals to start bacterial action in the tank. While starters or treatment aids are offered for sale, none are approved by this agency.
Q) How often should I have the septic tank pumped?
A) It should be opened and inspected every 3 years or so to see whether pumping is necessary. Most tanks will require pumping between 3 to 5 years. Through periodic pumping, you will reduce the amount of solids and grease entering the drain field, extend its life, and reduce the need for expensive repairs.
Q) Should kitchen sink and laundry waste go into a separate tank?
A) No. All wastewater from the home should be plumbed into a single, large septic tank.
Q) How can I reduce the amount of wastewater that goes into the drain field?
A) Considering the waste coming from your plumbing is more than 95% water, it is wise to reduce that portion of the waste flow. How?
 • Repair Leaky Fixtures (Faucets, Toilets, etc.)
 • Wash Clothes/Dishes Only When You Have a Full Load
 • Take Short Showers Instead of Baths
 • Use Water Saving Devices in Your Toilet Tank or Install a New Low Flow Toilet
 • Install Low Flow Shower Heads
 • Don't Use the Toilet as a Waste Basket
Q) How can I tell when my drain field is malfunctioning?
A) Key signs include:
 • When There are Odors, Persistent Wet Spots, and/or Lush Growth of Grass in the Area of Your Field
 • Your Plumbing Drain Becomes Sluggish When Used Heavily or During Wet Weather
 • Problems Continue Even Though the Septic Tank Has Been Pumped Out

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